_MG_9866The Son Gual Ridingschool is situated in the municipality of Palma de Mallorca, in the province of Baleares. Our installations comply with all legal standards required by the administration for equestrian centers dedicated to educational riding, leisure riding and livery.

Since its inauguration it is one of the most emblematic and renowned riding centers of the Balearic Islands.Our intention is to offer our students a wide range of services related to the world of horseriding, with a high value based on our individualized service, our high quality installations and our offer of the best horses.

Our equestrian activities

  • Introduction to the world of horses  (english)
  • Theoretical and practical training in hygiene (english)
  • Theoretical and practical training in the apparel and equipment (english)
  • Maintenance of stables
  • 541648_379630735437014_2035934814_nEquine nutrition and ways of administration (english)
  • Explanation and demonstration of how a horse is shoed
  • Theoretical and practical lessons in the arena
  • Excursions on horseback around the surroundings
  • Calash rides by day and night; introduction to orientation by use of a compass and maps of the area; exploration of fauna and flora
  • Trick riding
  • Bonfires and camping-tent set ups (english)
  • Swimming Pool
  • First Aid for horses (veterinary)
  • Transformation of organic material to compost (Therapeutic horseriding, Hippotherapy (as a complementary extra scholar activity). A space where children with any sort of handicap can better their physical and sensory abilities, as well as their social integration, through the contact and care of horses.