8 to 16 years old.


Introduction to the world of horses
Theoretical and practical training in hygiene
Theoretical and practical training in the apparel and equipment
Maintenance of stables
Equine nutrition and ways of administration
Explanation and demonstration of how a horse is shoed
Theoretical and practical lessons in the arena
Adventure park
Trick riding
Bonfires and camping-tent set ups
First Aid for horses
Alternative games ( basketball, comba, twister, small soccer, ….).






Juny/July: 06/29 to 07/03
July per weeks: 07/06 to 07/ 10; 07/ 13 to 07/ 17; 07/ 17 to 07/20;  07/27 to 07/31.
August per weeks: 08/ 03 to 08/07; 08/24 to 08/28
September per weeks: 09/31 to 09/04.




First day
09:00 Welcoming
09:30 Presentation of children. Intallation viewing.
10:00 Practical instructions in horse hygiene , contact with the horse.
10:30 Snack break.
11:15  Tacking up and equipment use, riding horse, adventure park , games……
13:00 Give the lunch to the horses.
13:20 to 13.30h Pick up and end of the day.
Second, third and fourth day
09:00 Welcoming
09:15 Cleaninng the horse, games, ….
10:30 Snack break
11:15 Contact with the horse, riding horse, games, ……….
13:00 Adventure park…..
13:20 to 13.30h Pick up and end of the day
Fifth day
09:00 During the morning the same program as during the wee
13:00 End of course and delivery of ” diplomas “.
13:20 to 13:30 Pick up time. End of day


This program for the children is orientative.

We recommended puntuallity. At 13:30pm we close our center.


For riding horse : ridding horse clothes. If you don`t have the material for ridding horse the good clothes for ride a horse are: long pants with sports shoes.Also they need helmet, globes and protection for the body.

For the other activities: comfortable clothes with sports shoes.


All the children will bring some drink for the campus.





– Price for each week : 145€.

-Price for two weeks: 140€ each week.

-Price for all month (6 to 31 of July , Monday to Friday):520€

For brothers:

-Price for each week: 140€ each one.

-Price for two weeks: 135€ each one for week.

-Price for all month (6 to 31 of July , Monday to Friday):500€ each one.


– Price for each week : 145€.

-Price for two weeks: 140€ each week.

For brothers:

-Price for each week: 140€ each one.

-Price for two weeks: 135€ each one for week.



– Price for each week: 145€.

For brothers:

-Price for each week: 140€ each one.


Booking conditions

Reservations can be made by sending us the correctly filled out enrollment file. Within 5 days, the complete price of the booked course must be paid. Reservations will automatically be cancelled should this not be done.

Once you have paid you must go to our center the same day before we star the course to sign your child’s registration form and the bureaucratic system has been finished so your children can attend the summer courses 2020.

Any children may start the course without having the signed enrollment.

Should you want to cancel a reservation, please do so at least 30 days before the booked activity commences.If we don´t have at least a week children , we will cancel the week and you have the possibility to change for another week.

If cancelled later no refunds will be given, and the right for claim or indemnity will be lost.

If we don’t have a minimum group of children we can cancel the week willing to change the week.

NOTE: Given that all activities include horses, the tetanus vaccination is recommended.

The children can’t use the mobile phone during the summer course.

If you register for any of our activities click here

One time that you send to us the inscription , we will replay you the same day or as much in 5 days.

If you don´t recibe any answered, please contact with us 608532096 or 971609769.

Note: This year we are pending on the state of the COVID-19.Depending of the situation we can cancel the summer courses with refund of the payment.